Compass Middle Charter’s Enrollment Policy

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2021-2022 Open Enrollment Dates:

  • Applications for the 2021-2022 school year are currently being accepted.  The open enrollment period will last through June 3, 2021.

Application Process:

  • Any student grade 5-8 may apply for admission to Compass Charter.  Students considered at risk of academic failure will receive first priority for acceptance.  At risk is defined by indicators such as State Tests scores, school grades, previous retention, attendance, etc and will determine status.  Students zoned for Bartow will receive a priority to attend the Compass Middle Charter School.  However, the charter school will be open to any students within the district who qualify based on available seats.
  • Applications may be complete online using the application link, click for link .  All applications received during the open enrollment period will be treated as though they arrived at the same time.  A computerized lottery system is used to randomly sort and select applicants to determine seats on an available basis.  Once all seats are filled the lottery will continue so that each applicant is either given a seat or a number on the waiting list.  Enrollment will be determined by grade levels and physical space as well as the priories listed below: siblings, students of staff and governing board, students in the zoned area

Acceptance Procedure:

  • Parents will be notified by email of the acceptance of their child to Compass Middle Charter School the week of June 7, 2021.  One week will be given to respond to accept or reject your student’s slot.  If a response is not received, the next applicant will be notified and the non-responded will be removed from the list.  A new application must be completed for future consideration.

Current Capacity Determinations

Grade     Current Students Enrolled               Slots Available                    Total

5                             44                                                44                                  0

6                             66                                                66                                  0

7/8                          68                                                66                                  0